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Mon, Jul. 3rd, 2006, 10:10 pm
bldrnrpdx: Naughty Knitting & Kinky Crochet Fundraiser

The Naughty Knitting & Kinky Crochet site is finally up!

Naughty Knitting & Kinky Crochet Fundraiser website

Please please please pass it along to anyone you know who does fiber arts or any BDSM-related groups you think might even remotely be interested. I'd really like to see last year's donation doubled for this year.

I'm recruiting for volunteers to make specialty items for a vendor fair in November. Details are on the website.

I'll be posting information about Craft Nights in Portland, OR, soon - socials where we can work together, and share materials and ideas for items for the fundraiser.

Live outside of the Portland/Vancouver area? E-mail me about mailing in finished items.